In case you missed it, Cher proved to be impervious to time marching on, not only by donning her iconic "If I Could Turn Back Time" video costume and still ROCKING it, but also by letting us know that at age 71, she could still hold a plank for 5 minutes.


Most of us can get about 30 seconds under our belts before our entire body starts to quiver.

I've been hitting the gym pretty regularly over the past 18 months, and it's STILL very challenging. When I started, 30 seconds was about my max.  But to this day, I've quit by about a minute, MAYBE a minute and a half.

Well, at age 42, I wanted to see what I had in me, if I did NO other exercise than just the plank (saving my reserve energy, you see....).

I time-lapsed the video so you wouldn't have to sit thru just watching me hold a plank.  I set my watch for 5 minutes.

Ok, so the grand total?  3 and a half minutes. Cher kicked my butt.

Don't believe me?  Our Digital Managing Editor, Bill Dubiel, was my witness.  Email him for confirmation if you still think I'm fibbing.

The bad news, I couldn't meet or beat Cher.

The good news, I never have to plank again.


PS...based on my informal Twitter poll, you had no faith in me.  72% to 28%. Good work.

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