We know the phrase "everything in moderation".  A new study may have you taking it more to heart.

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Fast food isn't the only culprit...overly processed favorites like pre-packaged frozen meals (yes, even "healthy" ones like Lean Cuisine, etc.) also expose you to high amounts of a chemical that can really upset your hormones.

The Journal of Environmental Health Perspectives just issued a report confirming that those who ate fast food had high levels of "phthalates"....a substance usually found in plastics and cleaning products (!!!).

(We're familiar with the study suggesting many fast food products contain the same thing also found in yoga mats and flip flops, right?)


These phthalates get into the food via packaging materials, workers' plastic gloves, and/or equipment at the manufacturing facilities.

What does this chemical exposure do to our bodies long-term?

According to a Bio-identical Hormones doctor in Buffalo, Dr. Jack Bertolino, says women can develop breast and uterine cancers.  Men's estrogen levels can dangerously increase.

More research is needed to find the full effects over time, but wouldn't you rather be safe than sorry?

I know another phrase most of us weight-conscious women are aware of:  "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels".

I'd like to amend that:  nothing tastes as good as being healthy is.

If you had a little leg-up on keeping cancer and hormone problems at bay, wouldn't you take it?  Maybe start with cutting back on getting meals handed to you in a paper sack through a window is a good start.

Who's with me?


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