Have you ever heard of Buffalo's Mitten Fence?  If not read on...

The Mitten Fence is located in People's Park on Main Street in Buffalo and typically gives out 400 items a year according to WKBW-TV...but unfortunately, this Winter has been anything BUT typical.

“I come by about once a week, but I often come by and I see things I know I haven’t hung up. It really makes me feel like it’s a community effort, it’s a community park and it’s supposed to bring people together,” said Mara Montante, People's Park Director.

Montante says many people in our area don't have the winter gear they need to stay warm. That's the reason behind People's Park starting the Mitten Fence back in 2018.

"And we thought this was a really nice way to help people in the community during winter," said Montante.

People's Park is known for bringing people together, hosting reading groups and free libraries during the summer, and the Mitten Fence in the winter.

"People can come and leave items. Some people knit things and leave them on the fence. Then people stop by and take what they need, it’s a give what you can and take what you need," said Montante.

After this year’s positive response, they’re considering a Niagara Falls Mitten Fence in the future.

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