If you have ever been to a Buffalo Bison game you have seen him! The most passionate fan at Sahlen Field will be present when the Toronto Blue Jays take the field this week!

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Mark is the ultimate Buffalo baseball fan. You may have seen or heard him cheering on the Buffalo Bisons at a home game in the past. His likeness will be featured as one of the cardboard cutouts behind home plate when the Blue Jays play their "home games" at Saheln Field.

This is a classy move by the Buffalo Bisons and the Blue Jays. There are some things that just feel like home and when you attended a game and heard mark jeering the opposing pitchers, it was a special feeling.

Buffalo has our share of passionate fans and those who have made national recognition. It was just a couple weeks back when Poncho Billa's name was sent to mars on a NASA rocket!

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