$50,000 and the coveted 'Great Christmas Light Fight' trophy has been won by the Field twins of Lakeview, NY.  They competed on the Great Christmas Light Fight on Monday night against 3 other families across the country and took home the grand prize.


Their light display was beyond impressive, and if you are a fan of Disney you will be absolutely blown away.  I tried to be objective when watching the show, but I really felt like they nailed it and should have won...and then they did.  That never happens that way for us!  I could get used to this!


Congratulations Field family for doing such an awesome job and for representing the Queen City (and Lakeview) in such a great and positive way!


If you missed the show, I am sure you will see plenty of replays in the coming days.  Why wait for that when we are lucky enough to see the real thing!  Check out the display at 1662 Schoellkoph Rd, Lakeview, NY.  Tune your radio to 93.5...this will be the only time it is OK to be off of 96.1!

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