This is heartbreaking -- seriously, we can't stop crying. Imagine being a kid and having an older sister, a half sister with whom you share a mother but not a father – but that doesn't matter to kids. And then at the age of three you move to another country away from that family!

Leighton Leggett was born in Buffalo, but at the age of three he and his father moved to Ontario away from his mother and his older sister Debra, WGRZ reports in a feature story.

Debra, four at the time of the separation, remained in the Buffalo area. The two spent 54 years apart wondering about one another and missing each other, WGRZ describes.

The two finally reunited this year with the help of one of Leighton's friends who is a professional researcher, and they have spent a lot of time catching up with one another.

It's like you're constantly walking around, knowing you're missing something," Debra told WGRZ of how it felt before they were reunited.. "And, at the time, you don't always exactly know what."

The story is beautiful and sad at the same time. Can you imagine being separated from a sibling at such a young age, possibly wondering if maybe they weren't even really out there somewhere?