Restaurant Week can bring out the ultimate animal in us. Too much?

Ok, I love a good deal, and Buffalo has some of the BEST food on earth (IMHO).  Sure, we've got the humble chicken wing; but we've also got Black Rice Salad (my favorite), and the Besk In Show (my OTHER favorite).

There's a LOT to chose from here, and catching a break on the wallet?  Heaven.

Bloomberg via Getty Images

Did you ever wonder what a "loose meat sandwich" would do to you?

How good is the "really big salad"?

What's in a Krusty Burger?

You see where I'm going here? Let's do this!

NBC via Getty Images

What TV/movie restaurant do you wish was real and alive and well in Buffalo?  Better yet, what TV/movie restaurant matches your WNY city? Why?

When I was a kid, I thought the burgers in cartoons looked SO tasty.  So perfectly round, each bite leaving a perfect half-moon crescent.

Need more motivation?