This was definitely a hot button issue, not only this morning but all weekend long – nationwide.


By clicking on the video above, you can see some of the comments from fellow Mix 96 listeners; and between those, the text line (below), and phone calls, just about every aspect of the issue was touched on over the last few days.

  • It's the zoo's fault for the exhibit not being 100 percent impenetrable.
  • It's the parents' fault for not watching the kid.
  • It was the wrong decision to kill the animal.
  • It was the right decision to kill the animal.

In my opinion, this was a tragic accident that ended in an even more tragic death of an innocent animal, who happened to be an endangered species. I DO believe if there's ANY way a child or person of ANY size can gain access to a wild animal exhibit, measures should be put in place IMMEDIATELY to be sure something like this NEVER happens again.

Jack Hanna, THE authority on animals and animal behavior said, "There's no doubt in my mind the child would not be here today if they hadn't made that decision."

Here's an "open letter" to the mom.

Thoughts from our text line:

Phil / Cheektowaga: I'd like to know how that exhibit is set up that would enable anyone especially a child to be in that situation in the first place how did he get in there? Also a few years back there was a similar incident I don't remember where but that ended where does zookeeper entering because the gorilla was protecting the child no harm no foul

Candy / Niagara Falls:  Parents now a days don't watch their kids like we used to and the they should be accountable to an extent. The animal was only doing what was natural

Lisa / Derby: I truly feel bad for the gorilla but as a mother of four boys in a blink of an eye a four year old can be out of your sight, unless you're going to put your children on leashes things like disappearing etc are very possible

Lagayette / Amherst: Lost my newly adopted yr. old son (from Korea) at the Allentown Art Festival when I stopped to buy a painting. (Two nieces in their 20s were with me. I thought they could watch him for a minute while I made this purchase.) So I get it! Accidents happen. Zoo handlers were right. But the parents didn't see him climbing a 3 foot barrier? Shaking my head. But I forgive them.  He was 4 years old.

Gretchen / Cheektowaga: Rob it's cousin Gretchen! Gorilla story is tragic situation. As a mother of two-year-old twin girls I know how crazy kids can be and they can be gone and out of your site within a blink of an eye. I feel sorry for the animal that was killed however I strongly Believe that as a mother and as a human being I would want to save that child or if it was my child human life over an animal I'm sorry.

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