When we went LIVE on Facebook with this, your calls, texts and comments came pouring in!

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Here's just a FRACTION what came in over the text line (716-241-9696) :

  • Sue / Buffalo: I'm sorry but being a mother of 3 I feel that it is wrong for people to be upset about a child being in a restaurant. If you have a problem with the child being out in a restaurant then you shouldn't be going. It'd be like saying a mother is not allowed to take their child to a store because their child whines misbehaves whatever. When my child misbehaves I remove them from the situation tell them that they have to behave and then return to what I was doing. But again it is wrong to be telling a parent I'm sorry you can't take your child out and pay all kinds of money that does not grow on trees for a babysitter
  • Unknown: I think all involved need to partake in some common sense with this situation. The parents need to take some responsibility and if the child is unruly, they need to remove their child from the situation. The restaurant may need to be aware if seating arrangements and also patrons can request to be seated elsewhere, so in the grand scheme of things, there can be a solution. Just using common sense and being courteous by all parties.
  • Sylvia: I think the resturant should post a sign...nicely worded asking the parents to "please sooth your baby/child so everyone can enjoy thier meal"...
  • Sherry / Lancaster: Why aren't people understanding that the point of this conversation is infants in restaurants not naughty children that can be taught to behave. Infants don't know any better so the parents are the ones that need to remove the crying infant from the situation. People just aren't getting the point of the conversation
  • Cindy / Arcade: It's the parents' responsibility to remove an unruly child...not the restaurant. It's the time to think of others, please!!!!