We went back in time today...twice.

First up, the kick heard round the world...

Good times.  Good. Times.


We also brought back memories of the Blizzard of 77...it crippled the city 40 years ago, starting today.

Some really incredible stories came in from you...

MaryJo from Buffalo was pregnant with her first child, was 2 weeks overdue, and her husband was stuck at work!  Thankfully she didn't go into labor until February 3rd.

Angela from Niagara Falls was 5...and her dreams of wearing her pretty new dress and being in her aunt and uncle's wedding were postponed.  They had to let everyone know over the radio! (Remember, no social media, cell phones, etc. then!  And power was out everywhere!)

Lisa from Amherst's husband was celebrating his 5th birthday...but since nothing was open, his gifts were whatever they could get from the corner store.  He calls it the worst birthday ever to this day!  (What kid wants Rolaids and an ice scraper!)

And poor Anita from Buffalo.  She was 14 and had 4 brothers and sisters.  Her parents went out for groceries...and didn't come home for a week!  Phones were down...they had no way of contacting the kids, and the kids had no idea if or when they were coming home!  How terrifying!

Where were you for either of these events?  Share! :)