On the heels of WNY being painted with a broad stroke in some pretty negative light, this is perfect timing!

Buffalo was ranked #1 for "staycations"! I, for one, love this area...and haven't been so happy with a move as the one I made BACK to WNY almost 20 months ago. So much so, I just bought a house in Tonawanda. I'm here to stay! :)

That being said, buying a home sucks a WHOLE lotta cash out of the ol' wallet...so knowing I'm in the #1 staycation city? Even better!

WalletHub took factors like public golf courses, pools and food into consideration...and Buffalo won. Toss in waterfront views, festivals and GOOD NEIGHBORS, and there's not much reason to leave.

My mid-section (and liver) agree....Buffalo's pretty darn good to hang around! :)

What's your FAVORITE thing about Buffalo/WNY?

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