Self proclaimed underdog, and Buffalo Comptroller, Mark Schroeder has announced that he is running for Mayor of Buffalo.  He has a battle ahead of him since current Mayor Byron Brown is hoping to secure his fourth term.


Schroeder says he is going to take his platform to the streets, and the neighborhoods and let everybody know that he is looking out for all of Buffalo, not just a few select areas.  He says that he will have customized plans for the East Side, West Side, North Side, and South Side.  He feels that this is how he can beat Mayor Byron Brown, and that Mayor Brown has not done enough to help everyone.


Mark Schroeder knows he has a Herculean task ahead of him, and unseating Mayor Brown is unlikely, but you have to admire his spirit.  As a Buffalonian, maybe this will ignite a fire in all of the candidates to do the best job possible so that more great things can get done.  Isn't that a novel idea??


Honestly, I do not know much about our Comptroller or what he would really do if he were to win.  This is all new, as he just announced his run so I'm sure more details will come as time goes on.  What I do know is that for far too long this city sat dormant and red tape and politics did not allow progress.  Only recently have things began to move in a positive direction again.


That would be a feather in the cap of Mayor Byron Brown obviously, but I think he also had a lot of years early on with nothing getting done.  I do believe that Terry Pegula has had a great deal of influence on how the city has progressed and stabilized the past few years. Mayor Brown can not get all of the credit.


I don't care who wins as long as the momentum in the Queen City continues.  Also, with the way recent events have gone (Trump winning, Falcons Losing, La La Land) nothing is really shocking anymore.  What even is an underdog?  They seem to rule the day now. Maybe this is all just good news for the Bills!