Now that we're 1-0 this song has undoubtedly been taking over your brain over the past 24 hours....



Did you ever wonder where it came from?

Scott Kemper lives in Indiana, and when he recorded the version of the Isley Brother's classic song in 1980, he had no idea what a smash it would be with Bills fans.

IN 1993, the Bills lost the rights to the song and went with a still-fun-yet-not-quite-as-catchy "Shout! Shout! Knock Yourself Out!"



Marv Levy tried like hell to make a more traditional sounding fight-song come to got a little traction but nothing like the gem from Kemper.

He was actually surprised to hear we were still using it when contacted by the Buffalo News for an article.

Here's a REALLY cool new, contemporary version, which is AWESOME (well done, Jaz Antrum!!!!) :



We also had some fun with it this morning with "Bills Mad Libs", and asked you to call in with verbs, nouns, exclamations, etc. to fill in the blanks...

(audio coming soon!)