First of all, let me say this, I am a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan. I grew up in West Seneca and was a fan during the 2-14 seasons in the 80s, the back-to-back-to-back-to-back Super Bowl run in the 90s, and the playoff drought of the 00s.

But the latest "money grab" by the Buffalo Bills is a little too much for this die-hard fan. How much money does the team need to make off the hard-working, football-loving, charity-giving Bills Mafia?

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Was funding part of the new stadium not enough this year? Was an increase in ticket prices not enough? Is playing $15 for a beer and $12.50 for a burger, not enough.

Apparently not, because the Bills just launched a new line of Bills Mafia gear and the prices for these items is ridiculous! The amount they are charging for a sweatshirt is the biggest money grab I have ever seen by a pro team.

The new line of Bills Mafia gear on sale at the Bills online pro shop is sticker shock to the max. A hooded sweatshirt with a Bills Mafia and Bills logo on it is listed for $149.99..

Yes, you read that right, a hood sweatshirt is on sale for $150. Right now I could buy 4 tickets to the Bills preseason game against the Broncos and still have money left over for parking or a beer or two at the game.

$150 for ONE SWEATSHIRT!! Is this sweatshirt drenched in Josh Allen sweat? Was it stitched by Ed Oliver? How can a team worth millions, that gets hundreds of millions of dollars in TV revenue think that it is ok to charge $150 for a sweatshirt?

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This is the biggest money grab in all of Western New York. It is just not the sweatshirt that is overpriced. Everything in this line of Bills Mafia is overpriced. $50 for a hat, $180 for a jacket, heck a simple T-shirt is priced at $50.

Sure there is a cost to making this item and yes they are entered to earn a profit, they are a business, but what is with the price gouging? Couldn't you be happy making $25 per sweatshirt instead of $100? You probably would sell more and make more in the end.

Before you call me "Cheap" just know that I own a lot of Bills gear. I have over 10 Bills T-shirts, a couple of Bills sweatshirts, and two Bills hats. My wife and son have multiple Bills items as well.

I spend money supporting my team, but this is a blatant money grab and I hope Bills Mafia takes a stand and doesn't buy any of this gear!

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