Are you getting the feeling that your boyfriend is planning on breaking up with you soon? Here are some signs to look for.The #1 indicator that he is about to dump you is when you realize he's avoiding you. More than 62% who are about to break up with their partner told a Yahoo! Personals dating study that they are very likely to or would definitely avoid the other person. Other signs:

  • Monday is the favorite day of the week to break up with 27% preferring it. Sunday is a close second at 21%.
  • 32% agreed that the worst way to break up is with an e-mail sent to work, while 27% said the worst way was to deliver the news secondhand through a friend or family member.
  • 18% said breaking up on Valentine's Day is the worst, while 23% said choosing to do the deed on his or her birthday is the lowest you can go.

Hmmm…what about texting? I’m surprised that’s not on the list!

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