The  2022 NFL football season came to an end this past Sunday and the ending was very familiar to Bills Mafia members.

Once again the Buffalo Bills didn't win the Super Bowl. The storyline has been the same for the past 57 years. The NFL season finishes and the Bills are not the champions.

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For members of the Bills Mafia, it can be very tough to love the Buffalo Bills. Sometimes it can feel like a one-way relationship. We spend money, time, and energy supporting the team and it always ends the same way, without a Super Bowl trophy.

I have been a fan of the Buffalo Bills since 1982 when I was 5 years old, and my first memory of the team is Joe Fergerson throwing a touchdown.

Sometimes it sucks being a Bills fan, and here is why.

1 - Always a bride's maid, never the bride - The Bills have never been a champion. Super they won the AFC East and the AFC, but they never won the big game. There is a saying in Buffalo "One before I die". As I get older, the chances of that happen to go down every year.

Jim Kelly
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2 - Ownership Doesn't Care - This week the Bills announced that season ticket prices are going up again. I get that the cost of running a team has increased, but so has the TV money and merchandise money. Why not cut the fans some slack? This isn't the only time the team has raised prices, in fact during the 17-year playoff drought, season ticket holders paid more and more every year.

Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
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3 - Home Games In Cold/Snowy Conditions - Some people want the new stadium to have a dome, while others think the elements are good for the Bills for home-field advantage. But every year it seems that fans are forced to sit in sub-zero weather and in snowstorms to root for the team.

Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills
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4 - Food Prices are Outrageous At Home Games - Not only do you have to pay a lot for your ticket to see the Buffalo Bills, it could be cold and snowy and when you get hungry or want a drink it costs an arm and leg. $12 for a beer or $8 for a slice of pizza. I get it, they can charge what they want because you have no option, but just because you can doesn't mean you should. See reason #2.

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5 - Once a fan, always a fan - Being a member of Bills Mafia is something that you just don't hop on and off when you want. Being a fan of the Bills is something that is ingrained in you. If you grew up here and moved away, you root for the Bills in South Carolina, California, England, or where ever you end up. You are a fan despite the fact the team plays with your emotions. You are a fan despite the billionaire owner asking for public funding for a stadium. You are a fan despite "Wide Right" "13 Seconds" or any other heart-breaking ending.

AFC Divisional Playoffs - Cincinnati Bengals v Buffalo Bills
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So while at times it sucks being a Bills fan, believe me, there is nowhere else I would rather be than right here, right now, with the rest of the Bills Mafia.


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