WTF Bills?  Nobody lifts us up and crashes us down harder then the Bills.  They are so good at making us Bill-ieve only to break our hearts immediately after.  Last night was just another example in a long series of losses.


The bad news is that we got thoroughly dominated on both sides of the ball by a Jets team that hasn't played like that all season.  We could do almost nothing right, including a couple of inexplicable phantom fumbles where we just dropped the ball.  Everything that could go wrong did, plain and simple.

Wrong Not to Always Be Glad
This Charming Charlie

The good news is that this happens to every team.  The Patriots every season have a game like this and everyone thinks they are finished - and then they get all Patriot-like and win a bunch of games.  The 90's Bills would get trounced in Prime Time and they went to 4 straight Superbowls.


Now these Bills are not the Patriots or as good as those teams from the 90's, but they do seem to be a resilient bunch.  They will have a lot to prove this next week and if the coaching staff is truly different they will make this game look like what it should be - an anomaly.


Time will tell, and only the Bills can make this right.  Get the popcorn ready, the second half of the season starts November 12th.