Kissing. It's the most common way for us to interact with our spouse or romantic partner (in public, anyway). But can we make it better for that 'special someone'? According to [yeah, Web MD. Who'd've thought?], the answer is "yes".


First, let's find out what to avoid. According to Michael Christian, who wrote The Art Of Kissing [under the pseudonym "William Cane"], women's biggest complaint is men being too aggressive with their tongues. Men, meanwhile, say women don't open their mouths enough during a kiss [making it harder, one supposes, to use a tongue aggressively during a kiss].

Both sexes say a big problem is a lack of variety in kisses. Christian's advice: kiss different parts of the face. He adds that the ears and neck are especially sensitive, which adds a special tingle to your romantic moment. If you want to try something very interesting, Christian suggests a gentle bite on the lower lip, or a nibble on the earlobe.

Christian says if you're not happy with your partner's kissing technique, you should talk about it with that person. But don't do it right after a kiss, as that might come off as a rebuke.

Dating expert Marilyn Anderson notes that pleasing your partner and yourself are the keys to a truly memorable kiss. She says that a kiss should say "Baby, there's more where that came from" without words. And don't stop those steamy kissing sessions just because you've been together a while. A recent Redbook poll says almost 80 % of women don't kiss their husbands as much as they'd like.

Are you happy with your partner's kisses? Is there a memorable kiss that you can't forget? Share it with us, either here or on our Facebook page.

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