After several rounds of judging, One Main Financial Congratulates            MARCUS WILD  for Best Business Plan from Lemonade Day!

His Business Plan:

My mom helped me buy what I needed for lemonade day. My older brother Brandon helped me build my stand, which was very fun because he is 18 and we do not get to do much together. I wanted to offer different flavor lemonade, and also sugar free lemonade, because not everyone can have sugar. I also wanted to sell snacks with the lemonade to try to raise more money for charity. I also wanted to make sure I went where there was a lot of people, and one of my favorite places to go is glen falls. I was lucky enough to set up in front of the glen park tavern. I also gave stickers and lollipops to little kids for stopping by.

How much he raised: $216.00

He plans to Donate: SPCA & Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

Marcus had Great Strategy, which won him $250 from One Main Financial to Donate, Save, or Spend!!!!

Hard work pays off :)