As you drive through downtown Buffalo this month, you may notice closed roads and a little more traffic than usual, and here’s why: a new movie is currently being filmed in downtown Buffalo and there is still a chance to star in it as an extra.

Local casting director Frank Rossi is still looking for people to appear as extras for the independent feature film called “Cabrini,” which tells the story of Francesca Cabrini, who was a nun and social activist who immigrated to New York City from Italy in the 1890s and advocated for the civil and human rights of women and immigrants.


The set has already been built in downtown Buffalo to resemble New York City, and shooting for the film began a few weeks ago. However, Rossi is still accepting applications to be an extra on the film.

Kadie Daye


It is a PAID position. Hundreds of extras are needed for the film, but you will want to apply as soon as possible because the feature film will only be shooting until September 10.

Peter Silbermann, publicist for the film, said, “The city has really done amazing things to make this go on and we’re thrilled to be here.”

Kadie Daye

The casting director is requesting extra applicants that closely resemble immigrants and residents of Italy, specifically children ages 8-15, women ages 18-30, and men ages 18-75. The film is also looking for multi-generation families and white men and women ages 18-75.

Kadie Daye


All extra and featured extra role casting is virtual, and you can submit your application via email or through their website submission portal. Applicants are requested to submit their picture along with their contact information to or online at Filming for “Cabrini” will follow CDC and New York state COVID guidelines.

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