Next time you hear a car horn continually honking, beware.  It might just mean bears!

Joe Raedle

Channel 2 out with the story today from Gatlinburg, Tenn.

Jeff Stokely works with A.S.A.P. Security Systems. He parked his van outside a customer's house in Gatlinburg on Friday, and got to work. It wasn't long before he started hearing a car horn blowing from somewhere. He says it was about 20 minutes before it occurred to him that it might be his own van.

Now, when Stokely got to the car he found two small bears.  They had been honking the van's horn.  Then some other things developed:

Stokely deduced the bears had climbed in through the driver side door - but that door was now closed. And locked. Stokely believes the bears must have hit the lock button once they were inside. After capturing the wandering intruders on video, Stokely opened the back door to the van. The two cubs eventually lumbered out and returned to the woods.

But where is momma bear?

That was a big concern for Stokely, so he was cautious as he dealt with the little guys in the van, keeping an eye out for an overprotective mother. But he said they never saw her.

Click here to see adorable video of rescue.