Financial reports point in that direction.  

Barnes and Noble reported a 7.4 percent drop in revenues and a $122 million loss for the fourth quarter of its fiscal year. For the full year, Barnes & Noble earned a mere $10 million, compared to $177 million in 2012.

A 17 percent drop in Nook revenues and a stunning $475 million loss for the device division in 2013 are hobbling the company's ability to keep its stores afloat in an increasingly tough environment for bricks and mortar stores.

Here's what some B&N customers think:

Robert - Another favorite store of mine trying to hang on! Borders was another one and it made me sad to see it go under. Retail bookstores are slowly going the way of the dinosaur and a lot of jobs will be lost.

Tony - Last time I went to get a book at Barnes and Noble, it was $28, $16 on Amazon. See the problem?

Mallory - I don't want a NOOK, I want BOOKS! With pages and bindings, and covers, and that nice smell! Bring a store to my city and I would for sure shop there. I don't like that I have to order online because the only bookstore near me is a crummy old books-a-million

Carol - Give me the feel of a book, the texture of the paper and the smell of the print and the glue, and you can forget your cyber books. A book that you hold in your hands is the legacy that a writer leaves. You are holding that writer's entire life in your hands when you read a real paper and bound book. A tangible book is a writer's immortality, held within the reader's hands.

Would you miss Barnes and Noble?

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