A love of homemade Maple syrup and a family that felt a need to give back to the community... that's the story of Back Creek Maple Farm.

Every morning at the end of our Tell Me Something Good feature I ask listeners to send in uplifting or inspiring stories to us.

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Last week I received this message from North Boston resident Sara Santillo...

Hi, we are Back Creek Maple Farm in North Boston, NY & my kids and I listen to Joe &Tell Me Something Good every morning! We donate 100% of our maple syrup sales to a local WNY charity every year!


Photo Credit: Sara Santillo

I contacted Sara to find out more about what she, her husband, and her kids do at Back Creek Maple Farm.

Their story is not only inspiring but a lesson on how they are raising their family of 5 children ranging in age from 8, 6, 5, 3, & 6 months!

The Santillo kids
Photo Credit: Sara Santillo

Here's how the Syrup-making saga began, according to Sara...

This all started because my husband John was making syrup as a hobby and as he got better at making it, he was producing more and more syrup! It got to the point where we had more syrup than we would ever need for ourselves!


As The Syrup Boils
Photo Credit: Sara Santillo

The kids are involved in the entire process...

John and Sara Santillo
Photo Credit: S. Santillo

Sara told us...

I had the idea of selling it to donate the profits to charity & suggested that to John & he loved the idea! The rest is history! Last year we donated to the Ronald McDonald House of Buffalo & this year we chose Buffalo Colon Corps! We only give to local WNY charities ...we want the money people donate to stay local.  It’s really fun and it’s a great life lesson to model to our 5 young kids!

A loving family, and a hobby that turned into a gift to the community. Thank you to the entire Santillo family for representing what Western New York is all about.


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