This past Saturday, I have a chance to take my family to the Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher College in Rochester.

Here are my Top 5 observations of Training Camp.

1. The people are SUPER nice! - We decided to park and Pittsford Mendon High School and catch one of the shuttles to the college. I will say the from the parking lot attendant to the bus driver and the folks at the entrance gate....EVERYONE IS SUPER NICE.

There were lots of Thank yous for coming to camp and smiles from the employees. It seems that everyone enjoyed their jobs and liked being at camp.

2. Kids will be entertained. - If you have small children and were worried that they might not be entertained, worry no more. There were lots of kid activities including building your own Buffalo Bills helmet. (Mind you, kids of ALL ages can participate in the games)

3. Use the Bathroom before heading to camp - While I don't mind using a porta potty, my wife is not so keen and this is all that was available. Most of the college buildings were closed and locked during the camp hours. If you are squeamish you should try to go before heading on campus.

4. It is kind of boring - I love the TV show "Hard Knocks" and every episode there was always something going on and lots of drama. Well, not so when you go camp in person. There was plenty of action on the field, but we were standing a bit far away and there was no commentary, so we didn't always know what was going on.

5. It is a GREAT Way to spend a couple of hours!  - For the most part, it is free to attend. We paid $1 a person for the shuttle ride Also we paid $1 to Ticketmaster for processing for our tickets but overall with some food we got I spend around $15 for a couple of hours of entertainment for a family fo 3....not too shabby!

Photo Credit: Dave Fields