Obviously we're no strangers to crazy weather here in WNY.  Remember 2 Christmas's ago when it was almost 60??

Thursday into Friday, we're going to see high temps in the mid-teens, with windchills at sub-zero levels (By the way, PLEASE bring pets inside, and if you see someone who hasn't, REPORT THEM ASAP! It's against the law!!!!).

You may remember 2015 with the coldest month on record in Buffalo.

In 2014, I did a few "cold weather experiments" too (one made it to ABC World News!).  It was so cold, even blowing bubbles crumbled in the freezing air!

According to ClimateSpy.com, the top 5 coldest days in Buffalo aren't actually TOO far from what we may experience in the next 72 hours!

February 2, 1961:  -18
February 18, 1979:  -18
January 18, 1982: -16.1
February 15, 1943: -13.5
January 15, 1957: -11

Are you ready??? What do you do to stay warm???