New York State was just ranked LAST in DUI problems.  Does this surprise you?

When I read that, I was honestly surprised.  We've got a very populous state, and unfortunately, drinking and driving is sometimes associated with the Queen City.  Actually, when the Sklar Brothers came to town for a comedy show, they asked me point blank: "Does EVERYONE in Buffalo drink and drive"? (They were referring to our lack of Uber and what they had observed people do to get around even after they've been out too long.)  It was a blemish on all the GREAT things I was hoping they'd take in from their visit.  But it's also a bit too commonplace for my tastes.

I know far too many people in Western New York who have had DUIs or DWIs, and it's scary to me.

Personally, I'm a big fan of Uber coming to Buffalo.  The convenience and affordability are definitely attractive, but when I read this study about how drastically DWI fatalities are reduced after Uber comes to town, it made me support it even more.

On a good note, though, New York State fell dead last in a recent study on the states with the worst DUI problems.

This St. Patrick's Day weekend, as they often do, police agencies across Western New York will be stepping up their game in impaired driving patrols, checkpoints, and overall efforts to curb underage drinking in bars and restaurants. Don't be surprised to see a bigger presence this weekend.

What are your thoughts on the study's findings?  Were you surprised at New York State's placement?