The Amherst Police took to social media this afternoon asking for the public's help.

Police in Amherst posted on their Twitter page a couple of photos of a person of interest and are asking anyone with information to please contact them at 716-689-1334.

The police did not share why they were interested in speaking with the person, they just need information on how to get a hold of them. If you prefer not to call the police but want to give the information anonymously you can text or email.

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To text the Amherst police you can send information to 716-562-TIPS or you can email the information to

According to, Amherst got an overall grade of C+. The town was well below the National Average went it comes to robbery, theft, motor vehicle theft, and assault.

According to a recent poll, most residents in Amherst feel the police have a good presence in the town.

The majority of people polled also said they feel very safe in the town. This is not the first time the Amherst police have turned to social media to ask for help. Last week they Tweeted out this photo looking for three people of interest.  


Again if you have any information, contact the Amherst Police department at 716-689-1334

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