A few school districts in Western New York may be highly interested the bill that Senate did NOT pass Wednesday evening regarding public schools mascots.

Lancaster, Iroquois and West Seneca West are three major school districts that have used indian-related mascot names. Just recently, Lancaster got rid of the mascot 'Redskins' that was adopted nearly 60 years ago by the school district after a national attention set on the debate between residents and the Native American community.

Ironically, a bill that was passed to Senate dealt with the issue. A bill that would have required public school officials to get approval from tribes to use American Indian mascots failed in a Senate committee Wednesday evening, 3-2. According to the Reporter Herald:

the purpose of the bill was to strike a balance between honoring and uplifting American Indians, and recognizing language that's derogatory or offensive to their ethnic identities — something he said should not be funded by public dollars.