I heard about the "adult coloring book" trend a few months ago; and honestly, I laughed about it.

I imagined a bunch of hipsters gathered on ragged blankets in Bidwell Park, being uber-fashionable with special lunch boxes designed to hold their organic colored pencils while doodling on non-GMO paper made from recycled carrot stem cells, scoffing at passers-by who did not inquire about the unique purple hue they chose for an Elmo picture.

Okay, maybe I went a bit too far.

Adult coloring books have popped up as "therapy", and I can say first-hand, while I still make fun of myself for it, it's very therapeutic.  The designs are intricate and require focus, something that's very helpful for a tightly-wound, Type A personality, A.D.D. spazzoid like myself.

I started this one a couple weeks ago, and SO MANY of you responded on Facebook!

Then YOU started sharing YOURS...proving I'm not alone in this craze!  Here are a few you submitted:

Beautiful job!  I completed mine last Saturday and yes, I literally brought it to my mom's house for Easter, and hung it on her refrigerator.  When's the last time your parent put your artwork on their fridge??? It felt good!

Townsquare Media / Laura Daniels
Townsquare Media / Laura Daniels

NOW, once I get through a few more and get the hang of my new watercolor pencils, I definitely want to localize it, and get one of these!  How cool to make your OWN art of the beautiful Buffalo architecture???

Plus there are adult coloring parties popping up everywhere.  This past weekend I was at Flying Bison, and Tim told me they hosted a really big and successful one the week prior! It's relaxing, but it's also social!

Are YOU into adult coloring?  It's pretty great! Please share YOUR masterpieces, either in the comments section below (Facebook) or email them to me!



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