I want to take a second and thank all of the members of our armed forces who are serving, have served, and have sacrificed their lives.  As a nation we owe a huge debt to everyone that has put their life on the line for this great country of ours, and for the freedoms it represents.


This weekend we focus on the men and women that have made the ultimate sacrifice that has helped shape our country to what it is today.  I have not served in the military so I cannot begin to understand the mindset you need to have to do what they do, but like most people, I have had friends and family that have served so I have been touched by it.


Thinking about what it must have been like to storm the beaches at Normandy as a teenage kid is unimaginable.  At 18, I was worried about where the party was at, and working up the courage to talk to the girl I liked.  The courage it took to run into what was almost certain death is what makes up a real hero.  Fortunately, our country has had a lot of heroes, which is why we are in the position we are today.


Unfortunately our country has been in, and currently still is involved in, a lot of wars.  We recognize that our freedoms come at a price, and the brave men and women who step up to pay that price for us are what make this country great.  If we could just treat our soldiers like the way we treat our entertainers and athletes, we would be better for it.


This Memorial Day, take the time to reflect on why we celebrate this holiday.  It's not just a break from work, grilling hot dogs, and drinking beer.  In a weird way it is though.  Our soldiers sacrifice so that we can do just that and continue to live the 'American Dream'.  Thank you for giving me that and thank you for the opportunity to raise my family in this great country.  Without you, none of this 'American Dream' would have been possible.