Niagara County resident Brian Markovich, a contractor with Two Guys Construction, is known by friends and acquaintances in this area as the guy to call when you need something.

"There's so much negativity and if I can bring a positive light to people and make them feel happy, then I've done my job," said Brian Markovich, a father of two.

Markovich told WGRZ-TV that it all began four years ago when he started giving out American flags to people who needed them on Flag Day, Memorial Day, and Independence Day.

He's also filled backpacks for the homeless, collected food, filled up free food pantries, and laid wreaths on the graves of veterans.

Last month, Markovich got a call telling him about a woman who is raising 5 grandchildren and had been without hot water for the past 6 months. He immediately posted about it on his Facebook page, raised $800, and bought and installed a new hot water tank by himself.

"She called me and she took her first hot shower and she was thrilled. We take so many things for granted," said Markovich.

He is in the business of helping animals, too.

As a trustee for Whispering River farm animal rescue in Gasport, they've already saved three dozen donkeys from kill pens across the country. They rehabilitate them and put them out for adopting to loving families.

"We're gonna save animals. That's our goal," he said. To learn more about Whispering River Rescue click here.

Some of his most meaningful acts are the most simple.

Every day for the past year Markovich sent a text message to a different person to brighten their day.

"I've had a lot of people they'll call me back and say, 'Wow, you made my day!' All I did was send a text message. So it's really that easy. It's not hard to be nice."

He tries to teach his message to his, 9 and 6-year-old sons too.

"I'm instilling something in my boys so when they're older they'll have an appreciation for helping people and I hope they carry it on."

He adds that he's incredibly grateful for his friends who are always there to  to help carry out his good deeds.

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