Summer is upon us here in Western New York and whether you're hosting a get-together, bon fire or grad party this Summer, here are some cocktails that you can make for a crowd for the amateur bartender that you are!


  • 1

    The Strawberry Muddle

    Lemonade, a little strawberry syrup, ice and some sliced strawberries. Add some vodka and you're done.

  • 2


    It's basically the Mexican Bloody Mary. Tomato juice, orange juice, and beer and vodka in a pitcher.

  • 3

    Bourban Tea Punch

    Apple juice, Iced tea and lime slices thrown in a pitcher with some vodka or clear rum.

  • 4

    Summer Sangria

    Equal parts of Sparkling Grape Juice, Orange Juice, Cranberry Juice and ice. Add lemon, lime and orange slices. Serve in mass quantities.

  • 5

    Pinapple Mojitos

    Something new and refreshing. Your classic mojito with lime juice, rum, club soda and mint leaves. Add fresh cut pineapple and you have something completely new.

  • 6

    Drunk Arnold

    The cheapest and best drink to serve a crowd (and easiest). Sweet tea, lemonade and some ice.

    Your classic Arnold Palmer. Now add some vodka or rum.

  • 7

    Watermelon Tequilia

    Blend a ton of seedless watermelon, clear tequila, ice and sugar. You'll never do another shot of plain tequila again.

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