Experts believe "record inflation" is only going to get worse. We have six tips to survive inflation. "Because Everything Is Getting More Expensive."

Last week, President Joe Biden called on the Federal Reserve to fight the highest inflation in nearly 40 years. Earlier officials confirmed the biggest 12-month inflation jump since June 1982.

The consumer price index for all items rose 7 percent in the past year. If you take food and energy out inflation rose 5.5 percent in the past 12 months, which is the biggest jump in one year since February 1991.

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President Biden says the Federal Reserve needs to get inflation under control. He thinks increasing interest rates will lower prices.

"While NY is experiencing record inflation from the grocery store to the gas pump... (New Yorkers) will now contend with rising utility costs. National Grid has announced an increase in utility rates by 8% during an especially cold part of winter," Molinaro stated. "Once again, the White House and Congress have no answers - and Delgado remains silent on an issue hurting our communities."

A RetailMeNot spokesperson predicted "inflation woes" will continue in 2022.


"And expect the same supply-chain-related delays that have plagued shoppers since the holiday shopping season. If electronics, a new car, or furniture are on your shopping list for 2022, those categories are going to be particularly affected," the spokesperson stated.

RetailMeNot shared with us "6 Inflation Survival Tips — Because Everything Is Getting More Expensive." Those six tips are below:

6 Tips To Survive Record Inflation in New York

6 Tips To Survive 'Record Inflation' in New York 

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