The show Black Mirror goes back to 2011, but because I'm always a little behind, it's new to me. I took 48 hours of my life to watch all four seasons, and I'm not sorry one bit.

Here's five thoughts I had watching the sci-fi anthology series:

1. Social media is really the worst.
According to IMDB, the title of the series, "is a reference to the effect of a TV or computer screen when switched off, giving a dark reflection of the onlooker."

2. Too much tech may be a bad thing, but I still want a device that lets me play back and overanalyze every interaction I have with another human.
In "The Entire History of You," people have an implant that's like a DVR for your eyes. There's no way I'd ever have a good romantic relationship with one of those.

3. Everything is better with a British accent.
I give as evidence, the original Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, The Crown, and Game of Thrones.

4. I would definitely work out more if my job was to ride a stationary bike in order to be able to buy an apple, or a spot on a talent show.
Season 1 "Fifteen Million Merits" will leave you feeling really uncomfortable and with a desire to work out and/or sing.

5. When I die, I want to live in San Junipero.
Easily, my favorite episode of the series. If you don't know what I'm talking about, get to Netflix STAT and get caught up!