Inspired by a recent article on Huff Post, I just had to expand on what they say, you should never say, to a single woman. Their article was inspired by author Maggie Shipstead's paperback 'Seating Arrangements' which is now available.

These 5 things include my personal experiences from my dating days...many, many years ago. I hope they help you when you attend The Worlds Largest Singles Party in Buffalo. Here ya go...never say:

5) "Hurry up, you're not getting any younger!"

Gee, thanks a lot! Just what a woman wants to hear...that's she's getting older by the minute and she may have to resort to freezing her eggs. That'll win her over.

4) "Really, was that your boyfriend? Ha Ha."

Sure, tell her you're better. Assure her that her choice in a mate is clearly flawed because she has not chosen you. Telling a woman that the man she's been intimate with for years, and may not be anymore, was actually terrible judgement on your part. I've made that mistake.

3) "I would want to be with you...but..."

What it really sounds like is, “you’re not right for me." I'm sure the moment those words utter from your mouth, she becomes convinced that you're not right for her. If you think it's going to make her want you more, you're most likely mistaken.

2) "You should try online dating."

Yes it has worked, for some, but for the most part, most women consider it equivalent to a rummage sale. I'm reminded of how often I've seen courtroom television shows where someone was taken advantage of by someone they met online.

1) “Don’t worry. You'll find him someday”

And you may be 18 and thin again someday too. Look, there are thousands of single men in our area, so what are you saying? Grab the phone book and start cold calling? Saying "you'll find him someday" could make an unattached woman feel somewhat incomplete or you may even make her feel like a failure.

I hope this helps you at the Worlds Largest Singles Party where you'll enjoy 2 floors of music, singles games, activities and more! Dance to the music and sing along with karaoke, plus enjoy the free Hors D oeuvres from 8-10pm.