We are all busy with kids and work and kids. Did I mention the kids?  Date nights are necessary to make sure we set aside some time for us, but you don't always have to go out. If you are staying in, here are some ways to keep it fresh. 

Real takeout. Meaning, not fishing for the final fries in the bottom of the Five Guys bag and actually ordering something from a nice restaurant. Break out the good plates -- not paper! -- and please, don't eat out of the to-go container.

A themed movie night. Not, "Eh, we'll find a movie to watch." Have a theme -- writer, director, horror, comedy. Whatever it is, have a theme.

Dress up to go out, but stay in.  Just because you aren't going to the fancy restaurant doesn't mean you need to sit around in sweats.  Make an effort.

Cook together.  If you forgo the takeout route, cooking the meal together is a great bonding moment.

Have a scavenger hunt.  Nothing expensive.  Grab a few of his favorite things he would never expect, and hide them around the house. Plus, you'll get stuff in return.

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