Welcome to Wellness Wednesday! As part of this initiative, each week, some of our health-focused advertisers will be providing tips and advice for leading a healthier lifestyle.

Here are five exercise tips to keep you motivated:

  1. Choose an exercise or activity that you like. To make it easier to get moving, choose whatever gets you moving.
  2. Exercise with a friend. Finding a workout partner will help keep you on track and get you out the door.
  3. Sign up for a class. You may find that having the structure of a class helps you learn a new activity and keeps you motivated.
  4. Keep an exercise log. Just like we keep a food journal to monitor how much we are eating, an exercise log lets us know how much or how little we are exercising. It also can help us push ourselves a little harder week to week.
  5. Ask the experts. Hire a personal trainer for a few sessions to help with weight and flexibility training. Then you will have the confidence to branch out on your own.

If you want to get started with an exercise regimen, let the fitness experts at Nutrition Concepts help you plan the exercise into your schedule and work you out!