As a former elementary school teacher, I always tend to have the kiddos best interest in mind. There are some major changes coming to Buffalo Schools nest year.



With the school year coming to a close there are some important changes that you should know as a parent. Some of the changes won't happen this upcoming school year but next year definitely.

- One of the major concerns was the over representation of students identified as needing special education. They are trying to configure a better way to handle this situation. It is not an easy fix but they need to come up with proper perimeters for this.

- The district will spend the Summer working on an early "Childhood Enrichment Program" for gifted children in grades pre-k through fourth grade. This also has been an issue because there are a lot of kids who don't feel challenged as well.

- Redesign of the Leonardo Da Vinci High School. They will be partnering with D'Youville college for some of the health careers that D' Youville offers as well. It is a direct connection between the high school and the college. It will place students on the path to success.

- Because some of the neighborhoods are a little rough, there were concerns raised about student athletes traveling home from games and practices. They are rolling out a pilot program that allows coaches to use small buses and or vans to take players to and from practices/games. It would also be accessible to teachers. The program is being piloted at Bennett, East, Riverside and South Park high schools, while a fifth bus will be used district-wide.

- City Honors dispute. This is still pending in court. (Go figure!) These things usually take awhile. The threat of cutting 5.5 teachers from City Honor School mid-year sparked controversy this spring, but the cuts never happened.

As you can see, lots of changes! Hopefully, it will make the school experience much better for the students.