When was the last time you got out on the water, had yourself a drink with all of your friends and had a riot? It's about time. We live in Buffalo, right on Lake Erie and the Niagara River and there are so many different types of themed and party boats that it is about time we start taking advantage of all of them.

Did you know all of these even existed?

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    Wines In The Wind

    It is arguably, one of the most unique boating experiences that Buffalo has to offer. Hop on for a couple of hours while they cruise and taste some wines that are grown all over the region. Usually on Wednesdays, this one will run you 42 bucks. You're also missing out if you've never been on the 'Spirit of Buffalo' boat.

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    Grand Lady Cruises

    It's a double-decker cruise ship in Lake Erie, not the Atlantic. It can be a party boat or a relaxing boat. You can have a drink on the pad or join one of the Murder Mysteries Parties. This boat will run you 18 bucks for just a cruise or there are dinner packages available too.

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    Historic Buffalo River Tours

    Tickets are usually 18 bucks and you get a full day of history that has become quite hands on including an interactive experience using maps.

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    Maid Of The Mist

    You probably already know this one, but when was the last time that you were actually on the Maid by the Falls. It's time that you head up to Niagara Falls and have some fun or bring someone that is not from WNY!

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    The Moondance Cat

    This 65-passenger catamaran is a riot. It leaves about six times a day and will run you about 23 bucks. There's a full sound system bar and windswept open deck.

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