Mother's Day is this Sunday, and hopefully everyone remembered to "take care" of Mom. Maybe a day at the spa, some flowers or just a card -- as long as its something!

Well, since we're on the topic of Mother's Day, I found four random facts about the day that you may be interested to know.

First, a recent survey (sorry, no source, but surveys are always true...LOL) says that 71 percent of people say their mom is one of their best friends. Gotta agree. Mine is!

Second, a brand tracking firm called "YouGov Brandindex" conducted a survey of 6,000 American mothers and found that the moms wanted Craftsman products. Yep...mama wants power tools. In fact, it was the #1 favorite brand mentioned by most of the moms surveyed.  Craftsman beat out Amazon and M& well as Black & Decker.

Third: Believe it or not, only 40 percent of people still ask for Mom's advice before making a major decision like buying a home, getting married or buying a car. On the flip side....45 percent of mothers will ask their kids for a bit of advice before they go ahead and make a major decision.

And finally, "Moms By The Numbers". It is figured that the average mom will spend over 8,000 hours in the kitchen cooking and cleaning over the course of 18 years.  A whopping 5,867 hours will be spent doing laundry, and she'll spend over 11,000 hours cleaning around the house. That boils down to a good three years of housework! Ya better appreciate it.

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