It seems if you have ever lied during a job interview, you are not alone.  Best Life on-line magazine says there are actually 30 common lies.

Alina Solovyova-Vincent

Here are three of the top:

1)  Lying about the salary you are or were making.  Best Life writes,

Not only is a hiring manager much less likely to consider a candidate who they’ve caught in a lie, but falsely inflating your current salary beyond the market standards might also lead the interviewer to assume that the position you’re applying for won’t be able to provide adequate compensation, causing them to take you out of the they are currently, or were currently making.


2)  That you are willing to locate anywhere.  This can back fire though, says Best Life,

 Sure, this lie might snag you the job—but if you falsely tell a potential employer that you’re open to moving anywhere in the country, then you might be unpleasantly surprised when your subsequent job offer is contingent upon your relocation to the Midwest.


3)  I am a 'people person'

Offices are collaborative spaces where coworkers need to work together to get results, so it’s usually in an interviewee’s best interest to lie about being a people person if the reality is that they prefer to ride solo.

So, have you done any of these?  For the full thirty top lies click here.