Ever wondered what it would be like to lay in a coffin? How about for 30 hours? Well, Dave and I tried it and lost miserably BUT the other contestants were troopers.



6 brave souls were chosen to participate in the 30 hour coffin challenge out of almost 500 applications. Contestants had to lay in the coffin for 30 hours. There are some specs though:

  • They had one 6 minute break per hour
  • 13 minutes on cell phone per hour
  • Contestants receive all meals and they were pretty hearty.

Contestants competed in mini challenges throughout the competition to earn extra break time. One of the contestants even earned 10 extra minutes of break time. It certainly adds up. I was happy to have MC'd the mini challenges.

You can check out one of the mini challenges here:


Contestants had to brave the frost advisory on early Sunday morning, and even some rain. The coffins were roomy, though and warm.

All 6 contestants made it through and won $300.00, a 2019 Season Pass and of course they get to keep the coffin.

Congrats to all the contestants as they all made it through. Yesterday, around 10 a.m. I caught up with Tracy, one of the contestants and basically all of the contestants formed an alliance. You can hear what she said here:

Here are some of the photo's from the event: