Buffalo and architecture go hand in hand. It is impossible to walk around Buffalo, NY, and not appreciate the beauty and history of the buildings we pass through every day. However, there are three buildings in particular that every Buffalonian should take a closer look at at some point.

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    City Hall

    City Hall in downtown Buffalo is as stunning as it is unique. The building is able to be scene from all over Buffalo, NY, and its Art Deco style immediately let's visitors know that Buffalo's architecture is something to marvel over.

    City Hall was built by the John W. Cowper Company and cost $6.85 million. The building was completed in 1931. With 32 stories, the 566,000 square foot monument is a masterpiece.

    One of the largest city halls in America, see this Art Deco masterpiece inside and out. Tour usually includes the Council Chambers, Mayor's Office, and the best view in Buffalo at the Observation Deck and take about an hour. They take place Monday-Friday at noon.


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    Electric Tower

    The Electric Tower in downtown Buffalo opened in 1912 and was patterned after the Tower of Light from the 1901 Pan American Exposition. The building was designed in the Beaux Arts Neoclassical style, blending "formality baroque and modern industrial modular repetition".

    Explore Buffalo's Beaux Arts Buffalo tour will take you on a walking tour downtown. The two takes 90minutes and takes you to see exteriors and interiors of commerical buildings in the Beaux Arts style, including the Electric Tower and Market Arcade. The tour costs $15.

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    Grain Elevators

    Everyone in Buffalo knows about Silo City Grain Elevators on Childs Street. You are now able to go to the top of the American and Perot grain elevator complexes on the Silo City: Vertical tour, which takes two and a half hours.Meanwhile the Silo City: Grounded tour lets you experience the grain elevators and how they are being repurposed from below. The guided tour takes you into the floor work area of a flour mill, two grain elevators and a malthouse as well as Elevator B.