So this weekend, it was announced that Oreo would be issuing yet ANOTHER flavor, just in time for Easter -- the Peeps Oreo.  (I mean, why wouldn't they?  They've literally made an Oreo with EVERY OTHER FLAVOR ON EARTH to date....)

These were supposed to be available in Walmart this past weekend, yet when I went to the one on Sheridan in Amherst, none were to be found.  I wanted them for a taste-test on the air.

I went the next-best route:  the Peeps Mystery Flavor.  If you recall, I did this last year with Keith Kelly.

Only Mystery Flavor 1 and Mystery Flavor 3 were available, so here's how it went down...

Mystery Flavor #2 is probably only available in Canada, like these delights. Hmmph. ;)

We're still not 100% sure WHAT the flavors are...have you tried them yet?  What do you think they are?

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