If you are an animal lover, like me, how sad is it when you hear that someone's pet has run off?  Well, with the warmer weather, windows left open, this happens.


So, here at the Breeze we thought we'd forward you this pet-lovers list, just in case.

It's PETA's 13 tips on how to find a lost pet.

Here are a few:

1)  Put all prior commitments on hold.

It's time to get the search on, cancel appointments, call friends, and put up signs.

2. Make sure you're glued to your phone.

It's key that the number you're about to post on handmade signs, on Facebook or with shelters is answered.  

3. Use a quality picture of your pet.

PETA says,

 Make sure the picture is in color, accurate, and clear. Ask shelters to save the photo wherever they keep pictures of lost animals, and post it on their bulletin board.

For the full 13 things to do, click here.