Evelyn Topper and her granddaughter, Mikayla were leaving a coffee shop after spending a pleasant morning together. After returning home Evelyn realized her wallet with her credit, debit, and medical cards were gone, and she was understandably upset.

The next day, Topper got a call that Sean Curry had found the wallet in a dumpster behind the coffee shop. Except for the cash, its contents were intact. Even though Curry had been homeless for five years, rather than take advantage, Curry reached out to make arrangements to return Topper’s property.

Evelyn told her grandaughter Mikayla what the good-natured man had done, which knew meant so much to her grandmother who was so shaken and upset the day before.

Mikayla had previously planned a socially distant “drive-by” party for her upcoming 12th birthday. Rather than presents, she’d decided in light of the situation to ask for contributions to be donated to charity in her name. On the day of her party, the 12-year-old placed a photo of Sean Curry and a collection basket next to balloons and party favors on an outdoor table in her driveway. By the end of her “Happy Birthday!” processional, she’d raised several hundred dollars…which he, in turn, awarded Sean Curry.

Curry was dumbfounded that a young girl would be so unselfish and considerate to return what Curry thought of as nothing but the right thing he had done in returning her grandmother's property.

(Good News Network)

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