Wow -- there are A LOT of "Scared of Santa" photos around Western New York.

Our first-ever Scared of Santa contest received nearly 200 entries! Clearly we can't just pick a winner of the $1,000 and Doves Portrait Design photo packages by ourselves, so now -- it's time for YOU to vote!

We've divided your photos into groups of 10 or 11. Each group is listed below, so find the name you're looking for, then click on the link to go to the voting page. Don't worry if you see more than one photo you want to vote for in each poll; you can select more than one name!

Our first round of voting will run until 5 p.m. this Friday (December 14). You can vote once per day, so be sure to come back and help your favorite scared kids get a ton of votes! The top 10 photos with the most votes will go on to vie for that $1,000 prize next week (December 17).

Scared of Santa, Group 1 -- Alicia M., Amanda C., Amy E., Ana B., Andrea B., Ann Marie D., Anthony C., Ashleigh B., Ashley L., Betty K., Brian C

Scared of Santa, Group 2 -- Cheryl P., Dawn K., Denielle D., Destiny B., Earl L., Edward L., Elaine C., Elizabeth W., Ellen W., Frank B.

Scared of Santa, Group 3 -- Brianna K., Frank R., Gina C., Gretchen R., Helen M., Jaclyn B., Janet S., Janice M., Jennell G., Jennifer B., Jennifer T

Scared of Santa, Group 4 -- Christine B., Jessica R., Jill M., Joan M., Joseph M., Judy P., Julie D., June B., Justin S., Kara B., Karen B.

Scared of Santa, Group 5 — Karen G., Karen P., Kellianne R., Kelly R., Kenneth N., Kim J., Kim P., Kristen G., Kristin G., Kristine F.

Scared of Santa, Group 6 — Carla G., Kyle M., Laura B., Laura C., Laura P., Laurie H., Leslie B., Linda S., Lisa G., Lizete D.

Scared of Santa, Group 7 -- Melinda T., Melissa O., Michele D., Mindy M., Molly M., Nicole O., Nina M., Patti L., Peter T., Rachael W.

Scared of Santa, Group 8 -- Maureen C., Rebecca H., Rebecca K., Sandra E., Sandy G., Scarie S., Scott H., Shanna W., Shannon B., Shannon M.

Scared of Santa, Group 9 -- Mary Beth S., Sharon P., Sherri S., Shirley E., Stepan G., Stephanie H., Susan Z., Tammy B., Tammy K., Tanya L.

Scared of Santa, Group 10 -- Amy B., Amy M., Annette H., Audra S., Barbara S., Becky W., Betty Z., Bill K., Brigid S., Cheryl E.

Scared of Santa, Group 11 -- Alissa C., Christine C., Christine F., Cindy L., Claudia S., Dan H., Dawn K., Debbie B., Deirdre A., Denise A.

Scared of Santa, Group 12 -- Eric F., Gina G., Grace B., Greg T., Gregory S., Holly J., Jackie S., Jamie M., Jamie S., Jason W.

Scared of Santa, Group 13 -- Josie F., Katelyn B., Kateri G., Joe U., Julie P., Karen D., Jennifer K., Elizabeth S., Joanne R., Katie H.

Scared of Santa, Group 14: Elizabeth K., Kerri G., Kim Z., Kendra M., Kris S., Kristen R., Kristen Z., Kim G., Kristen A., Katie P.

Scared of Santa, Group 15: Kristin F., Kristy B., Liam D., Libby G., Kristin H., Lauren R., Eileen P., Lisa C., Loretta G., Lori B.

Scared of Santa, Group 16: Michelle D., Michelle M., Diane B., Lorrie B., Meghan M., Marie H., Michelle S., Megan E., Michael M., Paula K., Kris K.

Scared of Santa, Group 17: Michelle M., Renee P., Phyllis C., Renee F., Renee K., Renee M., Paulette L., Patricia S., Rosemary R., Roxan G.

Scared of Santa, Group 18: Samantha L., Susan L., Pam B., Sara B., Sarah M., Sherry S., Susan P., Susan H., Ryan S., Tina M.

Scared of Santa, Group 19 -- Kim B., Mindy B., Nancy C., Nancy W., Tricia S., Trish K., Trisha L., Tyler H., Valarie S., Valerie F.