When I moved to Buffalo, two years ago, in August, one thing I noticed is that folks have a lot of Hammocks here.  So, jumping right into the feel of hanging in Buffalo, I bought one.  But, my hammock pales in comparison to the 33 incredible hammocks that "buzzfeed" shares.  Which ones do you like.  I have three favorites.

Kevin Tavares

First, I love number 3, that is the largest one I've ever seen.  How much fun would that be to hang out with friends on this netted hammock?

Then, probably my second favorite is number 10.  It looks like it's in Tahiti, where I will go to, sometime in my life.  Plus, you have to climb out to the hammock on a tree limb, fun, right?

Lastly, how about number 6, because you can easily just jump into the water to cool off.  Now that would be perfect today!

Happy napping :-)