If you grew up in Buffalo during and up until the end of the Cold War you knew that Western New York (and specifically Niagara Falls due to the power it supplies for the East Coast) were on the then Soviet Union (Old Bad Guys) nuclear target list.

I remember growing up in the 80s in elementary school instructed to "duck and cover" under my desk for a nuclear drill, and how can the boomers (or children of boomers) forget those cheesy "duck and cover" films from the 50s? (I always wondered if those nice folks that were having a picnic in the film were okay from the blinding flash and destruction by simply ducking under the blanket.)

Regardless, if you were ever curious how we'd do if a nuclear blast were to be dropped on the area, well...there's an app for that!  Yes the folks at carloslabs.com came up with this nifty feature:

It's called the Ground Zero app and if nothing else, is an AMAZING time-killer at your desk when only nuclear obliteration will keep you from daydreaming at work.  Check it out, just pop in your location, the payload of the bomb ranging from MILD (say the size of "Little Boy" nuke) to WILD (say a civilization-ending buh bye dinosaurs asteroid impact!)  Fun times.

Have fun playing "Dr. Evil" at your desk and destroying the city, or nation of your choice. You're welcome.