Look, we are all really angry about what went down in Seattle last night.  The refs, per usual, butchered another NFL game and helped screw the Bills out of a win.  I know I was pretty heated last night after the loss...but no one was more mad than Kaela Carpenter, wife of Bill's kicker Dan Carpenter.


In case you missed it, Seahawk's cornerback Richard Sherman jumped offsides and ran into Dan during a field goal attempt which subsequently injured the kicker momentarily.  The refs, in their usual bumbling fashion, blew the call and no personal foul penalty was assessed.  Sherman then acted like a classless fool and the war of words began.


Dan's wife, Kaela, took to twitter to vent some frustration towards Sherman.  It's common in today's society, whether you're the kicker's wife or running for President.  She did go the extra mile though.  Here's her tweet:

Clearly upset, Kaela would like to use a 'bander', which is a tool used on farms to castrate the male animals.  It works by putting a rubber band around the testicles until they fall off.


I didn't even know such a device existed!  This makes me never want to cross a woman again...or live on a farm.  Either way it is an effective tweet, and Kaela, I for one - 100% agree with you!  You go girl!


Watch yourself Sherman...the ball bander is coming for ya!  GO BILLS!!

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